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Thread: Quarry Complex X, March 2013

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    Default Quarry Complex X, March 2013

    So this is an old quarry complex complete with incline, kilns and old workers cottage (there's also an attached railway and a larger quarry further down, but they're for another day!).

    From what I know it closed in the 60's/70's, but not before converting the old incline into a paved over area for trucks to go up and down on (madness!).

    Apologies for the amount of (and low quality camera phone) photos, but there's quite a lot to show.

    Hopefully a few of you might find this interesting!

    20130330_125903 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    Customary beauty shot

    20130330_125057 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    The quarry itself

    20130330_125354 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    The last structure in the quarry is the old stone shoot for the carriages

    20130330_124947 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    The old cottage

    20130330_124448 by ocelot397, on Flickr

    20130330_124526 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    Ruinous main fireplace

    20130330_124547 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    The door into the old pantry/shed

    20130330_124814 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    Living room

    20130330_124720 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    The stairs were missing, but luckily I was tall enough to poke the camera up there

    20130330_124745 by ocelot397, on Flickr

    20130330_124224 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    Apparently this was an old stone hopper?

    20130330_124046 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    Looking up the incline, about half way down

    20130330_123818 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    A bit of the old pully (they just concreted over the top of it)

    20130330_122202 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    Centre of a rather large kiln section

    20130330_122206 by ocelot397, on Flickr

    20130330_122216 by ocelot397, on Flickr

    20130330_122329 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    Supported with old track...

    20130330_122335 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    The walkway between sections...

    20130330_122520 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    Some of the old concrete shuttering left in place

    20130330_122340 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    Inside one of the sections

    20130330_122537 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    Down shoot

    20130330_122418 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    A different type of down shoot, with a rattling handle left in place

    20130330_122454 by ocelot397, on Flickr
    A much older section, that has been sealed off

    Thanks for looking

  2. Thanks given by: flyboys90, paymaster, steve2109, Wilbo
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    The Centre of England or near enough


    Very interesting site some really old buildings.

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    looks a good one, maybe a return when the snow has gone and a look at the railway, thanks for sharing
    If there is a fence round it then it must be worth looking at !

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    I would of done it all in one day, but there's still a foot of snow covering things over here!

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