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Thread: Great Northern Railway Warehouse Derby

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    Default Great Northern Railway Warehouse Derby

    This is the old Great Northern Railway warehouse on Uttoxeter Road in Derby.
    Access is not restricted, but the internal building infrastructure looks a bit unsound, so I wouldn't recommend going more than a few feet inside.

    street_art_by_tdan0504-d3fqc8k by tdan0504, on Flickr

    railway_building_by_tdan0504-d3fq9mb by tdan0504, on Flickr

    iron_window_by_tdan0504-d3fq9rw by tdan0504, on Flickr

    derelict_by_tdan0504-d3fqa30 by tdan0504, on Flickr

    derby_mill_by_tdan0504-d3fqa89 by tdan0504, on Flickr

    derby_mill_by_tdan0504-d3fq9h8 by tdan0504, on Flickr

    derby_mill_by_tdan0504-d3fq8zf by tdan0504, on Flickr

    birdlife_by_tdan0504-d3fq9xk by tdan0504, on Flickr

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    It was fairly dodgy when myself and some friends went in 2011, that was before the roof started to fall in and things.

    I personally wouldn't go inside again because, as you rightly said, the structure isn't safe at all.

    However, I would be interested to know how the Trike's doing and if it's still in the basement...

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