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Thread: Inov8/Buckingham Uni Tech College - July 2013

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    Default Inov8/Buckingham Uni Tech College - July 2013

    So I jumped on the boat with this one, nice local explore with Mrs.Landie and a non-forum member friend. Nice and relaxed until we bumped into the groundskeeper with a site surveyor who gave us the usual "This is highly dangerous" and me wanting to crack out the phone and show him Rank Hovis in London, but refrained on the grounds of good relations...

    The site closed around 2007/8 but the LDV van we never saw was apparently still taxed, and obviously the site was used by Buckingham Uni up until a point. The site was used by DT Assembly firm Inov8 who employed 101 - 200 people who used "TMCTmethodology".

    More At:

    Inov8 Buckingham/Testing Centre - a set on Flickr

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    The Centre of England or near enough


    It looks untouched,thanks for sharing.

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