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Thread: J. H. Weatherby Pottery (Falcon Works), Stoke on Trent - January 2014

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    Arrow J. H. Weatherby Pottery (Falcon Works), Stoke on Trent - January 2014

    The Falcon Works Hanley, was owned by J. H. Weatherby & Sons Ltd who established a works on site in 1891. The works originally specialized in earthenware but later went on to produce fine porcelain. The former extant hovel kiln most likely dates from the 1890s, although the inner kiln has undoubtedly been replaced many times since this date and is most likely mid 20th Century. Originally the works had 5 kilns, but 3 where relocated to the south of the site in 1906 when the firm expanded. During this expansion the front range was added providing a new façade to the main street. Before the construction of the Potteries Way, the street was the main road north out of Hanely and was lined with many small potteries.

    The firm continued to grow slowly between and after the wars, first branching into hotelwares, then later collectables. By the 1970s the firm’s expansion was hindered by planning control and by 2000 the works finally closed. At its height the works employed 200, by 2000 it employed 10.

    Really enjoyed looking round this place. Its really suffered in recent years with roofs and big chunks of walls missing, but like most potteries its still full of stuff and has a certain charm about it. Visited with jacquesj.

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    You,ve captured the demise of this historic pottery very well! love the teapots & the kiln shots.

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    Like that a lot, looks like there's plenty detail to get absorbed in. Shame the kiln has collapsed…

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