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Thread: Former car/welly boot factory

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    Smile Former car/welly boot factory

    This factory was built in 1913 for the Arrol Johnston Motor Company. Designed by Albert Kahn, who also designed Ford's Highland Park factory, it was the first factory in Britain constructed of Ferro Concrete.
    By the late 1920's the company was in financial difficulties and merged with Aster of Wembley to become Arrol-Aster.
    Despite winning the contract to reconstruct Malcolm Campbell's Blue Bird III in 1929, financial difficulties soon forced the firm into administration and production ceased in 1931.
    The building was used again by the Air Ministry in WWII. In 1946 the factory was taken over by the North British Rubber Company who specialised in compound rubber and fractioned fabric manufacture. Production of the famous Hunter boot began here in the 1950s.
    In 1966 the firm was bought by Uniroyal. It received a Royal Warrant from The Duke of Edinburgh in 1976 and The Queen in 1986, the year in which ownership changed again to the Gates Rubber Company of Colorado.
    In 1996 Tomkins Plc took over and in 1999 sold the factory to Interfloor, the country's largest underlay manufacturer.
    2004 saw a management buy out but two years later the company went into administration. Underlay manufacture went to the firms plant in Lancashire and boot production went to China.
    The tooling from the factory is used in Serbia by Tigar Footware.
    The factory featured in the children's tv show Come Outside in the 1990s.

    Hope you're still here! Now the pics, more here

    075 by tumble112, on Flickr

    076 by tumble112, on Flickr

    072 by tumble112, on Flickr

    008 by tumble112, on Flickr

    004 by tumble112, on Flickr

    015 by tumble112, on Flickr

    017 by tumble112, on Flickr

    018 by tumble112, on Flickr

    010 by tumble112, on Flickr

    013 by tumble112, on Flickr

    011 by tumble112, on Flickr

    024 by tumble112, on Flickr

    025 by tumble112, on Flickr

    026 by tumble112, on Flickr

    022 by tumble112, on Flickr

    068 by tumble112, on Flickr

    035 by tumble112, on Flickr

    033 by tumble112, on Flickr

    070 by tumble112, on Flickr

    027 by tumble112, on Flickr

    041 by tumble112, on Flickr

    In the factory's heyday

    imageGen (3) by tumble112, on Flickr

    034 by tumble112, on Flickr

    037 by tumble112, on Flickr

    038 by tumble112, on Flickr

    043 by tumble112, on Flickr

    048 by tumble112, on Flickr

    049 by tumble112, on Flickr

    058 by tumble112, on Flickr

    060 by tumble112, on Flickr

    059 by tumble112, on Flickr

    065 by tumble112, on Flickr

    064 by tumble112, on Flickr

    The main factory gate today.....

    080 by tumble112, on Flickr

    And in 1929 with Blue Bird III sitting outside. Complete with its 24 litre Napier Lion aero engine on show...

    paghekwpqbzua6l45pf2 by tumble112, on Flickr

    078 by tumble112, on Flickr

    Thanks for looking :)
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    Really enjoyed that..loved the buzby many years since he was around..thank you for sharing.
    I like to go where others fear to tread.

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    What a huge site! I always find it sad when firms with a history like this go to the wall.Ace write up and photos, a cracking report indeed.

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    Picked out the most interesting bits here tumble :)
    Good effort!!
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    thats a nice report, good work
    Black cat exploring company
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    Some very interesting pictures there... Love the old pictures for comparison.. Nice one.

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