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Thread: Record Ridgeway Tools, Sheffield 04/15

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    Default Record Ridgeway Tools, Sheffield 04/15

    Record Ridgeway tools, Sheffield. 04/15
    I was in town for a festival and while others nursed hangovers, I would go scouting for places to explore! I didn't have to walk far to find an Industrial Graveyard but I could only see one that was accessible with intuition, discretion and some muscles I had forgotten existed - springing into (Painful) life!
    In 1898 two brothers formed CJ Hampton Tools; they manufactured Engineering vices, pipe cutters, G-clamps and lifting gear - to name but a few! It was passed down generations and would go on to become Record Tools!
    With the Stanley design patents coming to an end, they took full advantage and manufactured planes of many tolerances without the fear of copyright infringement!
    Their quality products are still a world leader!
    In 1961, woden tools were brought out by Record and they continued manufacturing their products for another ten years. In 1963 they acquired a 50% share in William Ridgeway from William Marples and sons Ltd, in 1972 they merged fully to become Record Ridgeway Tools Limited after moving to Sheffield!
    It had grown to 14 companies - 5 of which were abroad. In 1982 AB Bahco of Sweden took over but by 1985 a management buyout made it a British company again under the name Record holdings Plc. In 1998 the board decided to accept an offer from American Tool Corp Incorporated and traded as Record Irwin and moved production to China!
    Well - here I was on a sunny Sunday morning looking up at another piece of history left to rot! The size had me in awe and I realised that I could be there for a while! But time is what I had lots of!
    It is trashed, carpetted in pigeon poo, flooded in some cellars, has some of the best graffiti I have ever seen and not remotely a disappointment! Other explorers have featured the paintings so I decided to concentrate on the building itself! It was tough picking these out from the two hundred I took during my two hour visit.
    As usual - I was solo!

    Main workspace!

    Pigeon heaven!

    No juice within this hoose!

    Wall heater and bizarre graffiti!

    Shop floor and offices!

    Lets go dancing!


    Pet names for tools!

    Soggy and opening time!


    This number prefix was changed in 1985! I also found an RS wall chart for drive belts showing the old Sheffield Std code! Not a reference to condoms!

    Reflections of the Cold War style skylights!


    Obligatory chair by ventilation units!

    Skylights! I was tempted by the roof but it was way too exposed!

    Air intakes for ventilation fans!

    19 employees?

    A view of a loading bay.

    Upper floor offices!

    Central section!

    Footbridge! I dared and it was solid enough!

    External! Taken with my phones camera!

    External 2! I didn't get my DSLR out and used my phone! I generally leave the area pretty quickly after exploring! And made a right mess of the hotel stairs with pigeon poo footprints!

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    Fantastic set, lovely light in there.
    Thanks for sharing :)
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