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Thread: Thamesteel (Again! :D) - April 2015

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    Default Thamesteel (Again! :D) - April 2015

    I remember passing this one a number of times last summer with Prickly_buzz, whilst looking at the other steel mill in the area. For some reason I never thought of attempting it until earlier this year when I saw Konrad's excellent report on the place that he did in January.

    It was well worth doing. The place is huge! It's mass of pipes, transformers and contraptions intrigued me no end :D The following is from two separate trips: one at night and one in the day.

    DSC04055 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

    DSC04059 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

    It's like PB said, it was almost as if we were tracking some sort of alien beast, what with the crusty stuff and bits hanging down covering everything!
    Belly of The Beast by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

    Lots of crud left behind.
    DSC04073 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

    Collapsed section of roof. Amazing that this has already happened within 3-4 years of closure.
    DSC04192 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

    Lots of vats/crucible type things about.
    DSC04201 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

    One of the halls scattered about the site.
    DSC04215 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

    A hall that's in better nick than the others.
    DSC04230 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

    Mess hall.
    What's For Lunch? by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

    The well known rows of "teeth" on site.
    DSC04241 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

    External pipework.
    DSC04221 by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

    Group shot from the night explore.
    Conrad, SJ & The Cylon by SlimJim UE, on Flickr

    Link to video from the night explore:

    We came close to getting caught on both occassions. During the night time explore we were met with an eerie "Hello?" and some odd bleeping noises, probably from a radio. During the day we could hear people beneath us and there was a JCB milling about. Odd thing is we walked around this place for hours only to get pinched at the Martello Battery :D Well...shouted at by the dock workers anyway :D "...elf n safety!!!" and all that crap!

    Daytime explore video to follow! + a few 35mm B&W shots!

    Thanks to Prickly_buzz for coming along and big thanks to Konrad for showing us the place!
    Guntish Gent

    Pics 'n' Ting

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    Must of been hard navigating that place at night!

    I visited recently and it is big! Thanks for posting.
    'Covert Exploration Ops'

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    Thanks for driving! I really like the atmosphere that comes with exploring at night, anyway here are a few more of mine,

    Spot the difference (hint green car),

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    Great video and report.

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    I need to go here. Great pics and video!

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    Oh my goodness~ that place looks sublime~
    I love how every abandoned location has such individual character to it~

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