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Thread: Ferrari's Industrial Bakery, Hirwaun Nov 2016

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    Default Ferrari's Industrial Bakery, Hirwaun Nov 2016

    After leaving Tower Colliery myself and Landie Man continued our slow homeward journey eastward, and stopped to pick up some breakfast in a nearby town. My abandonment nose was piqued as in the town we found not only a pair of derelict chapels (both sadly inaccessible) but also the remains of a former industrial bakery, which it quickly became apparent is in the beginning stages of demolition. We had a quick fifteen minute run around grabbing a few shots, this was worlds apart from the decayed gorgeousness of where we had just been but, as they say, any holes a goal right...? There were a couple of old staircases leading to upper levels but both were rotten as anything and collapsing so we gave them a miss.

    Thanks for looking :)
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    Another top report. Only had a quick 20 minutes here when I went.

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