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Thread: Brett Aggregates - Suffolk - April 17

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    Default Brett Aggregates - Suffolk - April 17

    Being from the south and from one of the flattest county's in Britain, i kinda forget that quarries exist. plenty of hideous smelly landfill sights, but quarries not so much.


    Being a quarry finding anything other the address and a few points of contact via email, i could find no history online at all another site has the location listed but no reports, according to post on locations it has had no major work since 2015, and had some minor work done in early 2016. From what i found poking about, i think it might have been disused since 2013. A few safety check labels on equipment points to late 2013, but maybe some minor work continued after without the big sorter etc.

    The Explore

    With a few hours to kill and around the area i decided on a re visit. Me and a non member had visited in the dark so didn't get any usable photo's. located down a country lane its not something i can ever imagine you stumbling across, so i was fairly surprised to hear voices inside when i parked up. A little peek round the corner confirmed my suspicion. Well it is most certainly a perfect place for motocross bikes. As soon as i headed through into the open they almost immediately left. I certainly was not going to tell them off, more likely to watch and wish i had a bike licence. With a free roam i headed towards the only real point of interest here, the very large and imposing sorter.

    On to the photo's, Its pic Heavy, if you are to go, you will soon find that there is barely an angle this thing doesn't look great from, so you can easily get carried away. as did i

    What's a silt lagoon i hear you say...

    Well it looks a little like this i assume

    Is it really that sinky....

    Ask this guy...

    If your still here, Thank you very much and i hope you enjoyed

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    I like that, thanks for posting.

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    Nice One, Thanks

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