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Thread: Charlestown Works, May 2017

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    Default Charlestown Works, May 2017

    The History

    I couldn't find a lot on this place so decided just to nick the following
    off another report on the web.

    The Charlestown Works were established in 1792, one of around 30 mills that sprung up in the area around the time.Most have been demolished/ burned down/ redeveloped. Owned by Charles Hadfield, at one time it became John Waltons and was last used by an industrial insulation manufacturer, Kingspan. This site closed in 2006.

    The Visits

    Shots taken over two visits, I also had an aborted visit - more shortly, in May 2017

    I paid the first of my visits on a Thursday and explored just one side of the road - time was getting on - and decided I'd return for the other side and a few bits I'd not shot.

    I returned on The sunday Morning, parked up and starting preparing my camera gear. As I did so, I saw three young boys - I'd guess around 9 - 11 years of age, coming from the bottom end of one of the buildings, crossing the road and going into the other buildings.

    I headed to where they had just come and used the point of entry nearest the road - the one I suspect they had exited from. After a few minutes I started up a set of stairs. Part way up I noticed a small amount of smoke coming from the wall. After only a few minutes the amount of smoike increased. I suspected these kids had intentionally started a fire.

    Luckily the fire station is right next door so I shot round and made them aware of what had occured (leaving out the bit about me being in the building). Later that night I saw on their twitter feed that they had put out "a small fire" in a derelict building.

    I guess arsonists start at a young age in Derbyshire.

    So I returned recently for my third visit - no incidents and no injuries on this visit.

    The Images



















    I really like this place a lot
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    Glad you're okay! Damn kids.

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