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Thread: P.D. Bricks Ltd., Llandulas May 2017

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    Default P.D. Bricks Ltd., Llandulas May 2017

    This was a quick stop off at a place I'd found by accident whilst looking for something totally different, I think it's had maybe one post about it on a different forum.

    P.D. Bricks Ltd was a former brick manufacturing facility in north Wales, the buildings are located at the base of a quarry and are largely stripped out of everything but the place had one interesting feature that may require more investigations from the people who enjoy their quarries - a network of tunnels leading off into god knows where. There is one short one located not far from the buildings which we ventured into, and two on an upper level which we declined to - one is sealed off with palisade fencing and possibly leads into the massive quarry next door, and the other is more like a cavern than a tunnel. I would have gone down into it were the path in not covered with slippery water-covered rocks. But it's definitely something that requires some more explorations into the depths.

    The brickworks closed down in 2008, the same time a lot were mothballed due to the economic snafu that occurred around that time. It is now inhabited only by a swarm of seagulls, and we spent some time ducking and diving to avoid falling poo.

    Thanks for looking, more here :)
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    I rather like this, nice one
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