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    Default End of the line

    Not long in receivership had to be done as last of its kind what we found was a big surprise. We originally visited a number of years ago but forgotten till recently and seen by one of my exploring partners. Would have been rude not to see it .

    when the lights where on

    from the top 94 mph gusts made this a nightmare

    security drive bye

    Years of miners boots up to showers and changing area walked these steps

    NCB archives where stored here there where loads of information to dig through .....too much

    This gave my exploring partner a bit of a stiffy having done the Asylum above the mines the week it shut

    winding house

    It was at this point one of the guys had to head, so i walked him back out with the view to planking my ladders. So just dumped them up at the transformer station up at the woods, unfortunately we suspect on a guard change they walk up the hill stairs and found my ladders(since replaced ) he didn't do that during the night. After leaving us Me Cuban and Scatter found a room to get a few hours kip(security driving slowly by with his torch as we dropped off). We woke up just as daylight was appearing dull and overcast and Yes!. Security where driving by same as when we dropped off, Cuban had managed to find a Quilt (he did not share with the other bears :

    Time for daylight shots
    medical center

    Think that's enough have way too many pics of this place was a lot of fun visiting, never to be seen in Scotland again. Hope you enjoy even though a bit sad for the people involved.

    This was all done long before Pikeys new about the site

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    Nice to get a look before the pond scum found it, I enjoyed it, Thanks

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    End of a major era. Thanks for posting it.

    I want some succulent fruity boobs.

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