After an initially unsuccessful tour round Sussex with Brewtal, we arrived here. What little that is left of Chailey Brickworks isn't anything vastly interesting, with small exception to the few buildings left.


Not a vast wealth of history is to be found about this brickworks. From what I can find, it was opened sometime in the 1700s by a Mr Norman and closed towards the middle of the 1900s. In recent years its been used a depot for truck repairs, metalworking and even possibly metal pre-treatment.

It seems that this was one of 2 sites in Chailey, the other being the still open Ibstock bricks on the south side of South Chailey.

The Explore

A relaxed explore on a very warm day. One of the buildings was like a hot box leaving me with sweat running down my forehead as I framed shots.

This was far from the most exciting explore, however after several hours of driving round Sussex yielding no luck, including one old house so boring that we spent less than minute inside before we decided it wasn't even worth getting cameras out for, we settled for this.


Cartridges for powder-actuated Hilti tools.

PRETREATMENT NEWS - a thrilling read. Strangely enough a subject I know a lot about as I used to monitor and run titration tests on pre-treatment chemicals.

I wasn't creative enough to think of any rude words that could be spelled out with this lot.

Looks like HGV repairs took place here.

The old water-filled quarry