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Thread: Queens Store Company, Liverpool July '17

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    Default Queens Store Company, Liverpool July '17

    From what I was told by the adjacent construction team after my visit, this factory closed down in the early 1980ís. It is categorized under the Manufacture of other Containers and use to supply paper and textile products and equipment for the shipping industry including such items as life jackets. The painted sign on the brickwork outside the store states itís a ships chandlers and sailmakers.
    The elderly owner is sadly suffering from health issues, but the building is thankfully spared demolition and redevelopment into housing is a future hope.

    The exploreÖ

    A huge thanks to Dez for letting me know about this little gem just in time, as I canít always get online so Iím often missing out on good places. He text me a couple of pics that heíd seen online and I just knew we had to give this place a try.

    The first attempt ended in me setting off the PIRís, sec turned up, a decent chap and we had a chat, so I had to leave my bat hunting for another night
    The second morning I was luckier, but gutted for Dez as he couldnít make it. However he turned up just in the nick of time to call me to say he was standing outside the building whilst a couple of workmen were putting up a ladder and measuring up the window to secure it. So I hurriedly grabbed some final shots and then had to try to let them know I was still inside without scaring the hell outa the guy on the ladder. They were obviously very surprised when I called out just as the boarding was going on, but I thought that would give them less of a shock than me just appearing at the window lookin like an idiot (now I wonít lie lol, it did cross my mind to just get sealed into the place so I could have some more time in there as I didnít get to see all of the floors, but I couldnít really leave my good mate hanging about outside all day so I thought it best to leave).

    Are we heading for an urbex murder???

    After I got out of the building we were chatting to some of the construction crew and we were told about some previous explorers a few weeks before. Two guys turned up on the site and asked for access permission but were declined. They then went back a few weeks later and palms were greased and access gained. They took their pics and left with more stuff than what they turned up with. They then called their contact back to ask him was it ok if they came over with a van to clear the place out. He said no, but has since got wind of a plan to break in and steal all the stuff. I just found this really sad. Itís not in the spirit of exploringÖis it?

    It doesnít bother me how people decide to get into places, but photographing them and putting picís online for people to see and then wanting to clear the place just seems extremely shallow and selfish. Take this as a comparison, say I was a wildlife photographer...hold on hear me out I spend many hours, days, weeks researching my subject, the tiger. I lay out loads of dollars on fuel, invest time and money working out how to capture the pics, drive all over the shop in clapped out motors, cars breaking down on motorways, hitting badgers at silly oíclock in the morning ripping out me rad, repair costs, getting nicked, many nights spent kipping in the car and eating miserable grub, various failed attempts, dodgy situations, risky places, bumping into proper numpties, you get the picture.
    Then one day youíre lucky, you manage to find the big cat youíve been searching for, suddenly all of your misfortunes just donít seem to matter so much anymore. Itís there right in front of you, itís beautiful, itís amazing, you photograph it, then shoot it. Iím alright jack, Iíve got my picísÖhave a look at them online, but donít be taking any of your own, Iíve fixed that. It just doesnít sit right with me.
    Are these people on some massive ego trip? Do they need ďexclusives?Ē Are they addicted to ďthe likes?Ē. What drives them? One-up-manship? Cause its not ďfriendly banterĒ when itís taken to these extremes, and I donít think itís always money motivated. Of course thereís competitive people in every walk of life, you make the rules you break the rules etc, but when a ďcommunityĒ loses sight of any integrity and no one gives a shit anymore except out doing each other and will do so at what ever the consequences, I think we need to ask ourselves a few questionsÖlike, what is this really all about? Maybe take a reality check?
    Iíve lost count of how many fantastic places Iíve seen online only to arrive and find the soul of the place has been ripped out and all the best bits have gone, a professional job done. I know life certainly isnít fair and thereís no level playing fieldÖbut really, what next??? Is urbex bringing out the sociopath / psychopath in you??? are we heading for our first urbex murder? But seriously, life is too short to be pissing on other peopleís fireworks, have a heart, have some respect.

    So now Iíve got that off my chest, on with some picísÖ

    Liverpool 024 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 055 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 076 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 078 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 082 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 127 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 154 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 168 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 198 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 205 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 213 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 225 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 555 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 300 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 320 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 341 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 358 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 375 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 385 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 453 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 456 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 467 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 506 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 539 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 584 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 649 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 645 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 718 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 685 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 691 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 753 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 782 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 809 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Liverpool 707 by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    I had just set up the tripod in this room, if you look closely out of the window you can just see one of the construction guys in a high viz measuring up the window for the boarding, quite an intense moment but also rather funny, my game was nearly up.

    Liverpool 816 copy by Pretty Vacant, on Flickr

    Thanks for lookin folks...

    Be lucky, be safe

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    Very nice shots, and thanks for the interesting read. I take issue with you referring to the thieves as explorers though :D If you turn up at an abandoned site and take anything away other than the experience, be it a painting, a pot plant or a stick of celery, then you are a thief, and probably chav scum to boot. It doesn't matter how nice your camera is, or how fabulous your pictures come out. If you take things away, you're simply a criminal.

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    Amazing place, such a shame about the pigeons.

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    Amazing, totally agree with your views aswell! Your pictures from here are awesome, really enjoyable report. Nice one prettyvacant.
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    Great stuff p.v and glad you got in there in the Nick of time.i was so gutted we were all set to go and it gets sealed the day before.nearly with you in it ha ha.did make me smile when you told me.but you come away with some great pics.hopefulky it will open one day again
    I like to go where others fear to tread.

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    Wow, thats very nice.....a real gem. Ty!
    'Covert Exploration Ops'

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    Really nice this :)

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    Very nicely done. I like the choice of music on the vinyl discs.
    When the going gets tough - the tough get going.

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    The natural decay happening here I like and its a shame that some rotten bar-steward has bin scavenging, but it's bin happening for ever and I don't see it stopping any time soon, I have never stolen anything from an explore, I've bin given or bought some bits that I liked, I agree with Red, you take anything, you're a thieving scavenger, I enjoyed your post PV, Thanks

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    Nice one Vacant.. Yeah I don't know if its explorers takin stuff to fund there travels or just greed but it is wrong fer sure...and sad..

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