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A very nice set of images Infraredd. Layout is similar internally to a long demolished structure that was of similar age in Northern England; however there are a number of differences, so am not saying more at moment in case I am on the wrong track. There are a number of on-line sites with early 'OS' type maps on that one can search - i.e. Cassini Maps - as you know location, can you do a search? Most of these early maps actually state what the building is, i.e. Mill, Factory etc. If you get stuck or do not want to search, PM me the address, post code or whatever and I will have a look.

The layout would have allowed workers to sew up and make shoes in plenty of daylight from the windows and allowed large hides to be lifted between floors via the central open space and manufactured items to pass out of the building very quickly. But was this the original purpose of the building?
I've tried looking on Cassini & it shows 3 buildings on this plot but does not give any description as to their function so I'll have to wait until someone local recognises it & tells me exactly what it was.....think you are probably right though.