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Thread: Funton Brickworks - Lower Halstow, Kent - August 2017

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    Default Funton Brickworks - Lower Halstow, Kent - August 2017

    Heading out to Funton Brickworks I thought, that looks like it could be a cool little explore, could be a ton of fun. However Funton Brickworks in only a little bit of fun, not a ton.


    Not a huge wealth of history other than it is a former Ibstock Bricks site that closed in September 2008 due to the credit crunch.

    Its decayed quite quickly but is surprisingly free of vandalism.

    The Explore

    As I approached I could hear the sound of shotguns behind the site. I held back for a bit until a saw a guy wander around in a High Vis jacket and a dog. I pondered about giving him a shout and asking if I could take some photos, but before I could pluck up the courage, he had disappeared.

    As access was walk in, I thought I'd go find him and ask. Sod it, why not, he could only tell me to clear off.

    However when I found my way into the site he just vanished. I called out a few times but he seemed to have dissapeared. There was still the sound of shotgun shooting echoing down the hill, but no-one about on the site.

    So I thought I might as well start taking photos, and be polite if I do eventually bump into them. I didn't want to piss off a security guard, but I really didn't want to piss of a security guard with a shotgun.

    I took my photos, but never saw the security guy(s) again.

    The brickworks is quite a cool little place, although I'm not gonna hype it up to be anything amazing, it was alright.
    It's pretty stripped out, nothing like Clockhouse or Tower Bricks with all the machinery left in situ.
    I didn't really cover as much of it as i'd wanted too, partly due to time constants, but mostly due to the cottages at the other end of the site that were quite active.

    Still, it was a nice end to my afternoon out in Kent.


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    Some really good light you had there Grom

    You made the place look very interesting despite lack of machinery. Think them brick arches were possibly kilns due to the blackening inside?? Nice, worth a look I'd say!

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    Nice photographs. Looking at the photos I can only imagine the noise and flurry of activity going on inside that factory but now, silence. I liked the shot of the bridge arches, nice angle.
    When the going gets tough - the tough get going.

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    Great photos Gromr, been meaning to have a look, but with so much else about never had the time.

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