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Thread: BSS Industrial / Leicester / 09/2017

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    Default BSS Industrial / Leicester / 09/2017

    The History:
    BSS Industrial is a British specialist distributor of heating, ventilation, pipeline and mechanical services equipment based in Leicester.

    The company was founded in the East Midlands 1899 as British Steam Specialties. High-profile acquisitions included Pegler & Louden (a specialist valve distributor) in 2005. Other acquisitions by The BSS Group plc included UBM Cadel (rebranded as PTS) in 1999, Price Tools in 2006, Buck & Hickman in 2007, Birchwood Products in 2008, Direct Heating Spares in 2009 and UGS a privately owned underground drainage merchant purchased in February 2010.

    The BSS board accepted an indicative 553 million takeover offer from Travis Perkins on 28 May 2010, an acquisition which was completed on 14 December 2010 as BSS Group shares were delisted from the London Stock Exchange.

    A solid thankyou to RichPDG for giving me so much help on this explore, and for already finding the history on the building ;)

    The Explore:
    This was my second visit to BSS, as the first visit I went on, I found some homeless people in, lets call it a "Deep Sleep", and decided to leave them be and end the explore there... Fast forward 2 weeks and I'm back working this way, so decided to pay it another visit, and boy it didn't disappoint.

    So much stuff was left behind leaving this place such a character, and what I could imagine an office to feel like. Unfortunately vandals have decided to target this building, so it won't be long before this place goes into full lock down. The building itself is absolutely massive and would take you hours to see it all... What you see here is the well lit rooms, as I didn't want to awake anybody sleeping, and also its pretty edgy in this building. I give you, BSS Industrial Leicester...

    "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."

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    My office at work looks pretty much like that. :)

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    Looks good Snailsford.

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