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Thread: Abandoned Tank Factory - Vienna - August 2017

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    A variety of impressive production halls is the trademark of today’s abandoned site. This former tank factory in the middle of Vienna was left to rot around two years ago. In line with this, some spots look really clean and natural decay is hardly to be found here yet. However, the place has been through a lot and is origin to some curious stories. Join today’s exploration and get a unique look behind the curtain of the Austrian armaments industry.

    The Austrian arms manufacturer which operated here is a daughter of the US defense company General Dynamics. Next to classic tracked vehicles they also produced light-wheeled tanks. However, war equipment from here wasn’t allowed to be delivered into troubled regions.

    Tank Factory #04 by Broken Window Theory, on Flickr

    You don’t need much imagination to picture how in these tremendous halls armored fighting vehicles were built. During our visit, we crossed through several of these huge rooms.

    Tank Factory #02 by Broken Window Theory, on Flickr

    Originally, there were around 450 people working on the site. After the loss of some major contracts in the last few years it came to multiple strings of layoffs. Subsequently, instead of building tanks the factory was only used for repairs and other maintenance services. Besides that prototypes were developed here, too. After all, the massive job cuts finally lead to the close-down of the factory. According to General Dynamics this was the consequence of the tough conditions at the European and international defense market. The new manufacturing base is in Portugal.

    Blood in the Water by Broken Window Theory, on Flickr

    But the press had its own assumptions. They guessed that the site wasn’t transferred because of the low costs abroad but that the real reason was another one. The Portuguese military ordered over 250 light wheeled tanks before, while there wasn’t any procurement order in sight of the Austrian Armed Forces.

    Tank Factory #11 by Broken Window Theory, on Flickr

    The sheer size of the halls and the area was impressive indeed, but due to the fact that everything was emptied out there was not that much interesting stuff to find – but suddenly we were surprised. In the middle of an office building there was one floor with working electricity. However, the rooms were empty. Nevertheless it seems like someone is using this part of the area from time to time.

    Successful Day Of Urbex by Broken Window Theory, on Flickr

    Some years ago the tank factory in Vienna was starting point to an odd case of industrial espionage and bribery. Against all odds the Slovenian government ordered tanks from Finland instead of buying vehicles from Austria. The background: Over a long time a former manager of the Austrian factory built a conspirative network among the employees. So from time to time envelopes with sensitive company documents ended up in his driveway at home. With the help of middlemen these information and a considerable sum of money reached the Slovenian Prime Minister at that time. The string pullers behind the plan were Finnish arms dealer which wanted to get rid of their vehicles with the help of bribery. As a result all the participants were sentenced to multi-year prison sentences.

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    Really like this :) excellent photos!

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    wonderful video!

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    That's a very interesting video and write-up. Those halls are huge but with no broken windows so the halls are kept in good condition.
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    I generally don't watch videos, I don't even watch TV, but I liked your one. Really well shot. And the pics you posted were great. Thanks for sharing.

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    Great report. I'm subscribed to you on YouTube. Had no clue you were on Derelict Places!

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