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Thread: St Regis paper mill. Sudbrook, Chepstow.

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    Default St Regis paper mill. Sudbrook, Chepstow.

    St Regis Paper mill in Subrook, Caldicot was built in the 1960’s and specalised in producing paper and packaging for the fruit and veg industry. The site is very close to the second severn bridge and can be seen as you cross on the eastbound carriage way. The site closed in 2006 and is now in the final stages of demolition.

    Visited this site with Dirge and a non member after a failed west country run. Got seen by the company removing the asbestos, had a tour of the place with the boss.

    Was in the middle of 2016 and planning for 220 or so houses on the land.

    Dr Who '42' was shot partly there too.

    Thnks for looking.

    Thanks given by: Hugh Jorgan, HughieD, krela, Mearing, mookster, oldscrote, thorfrun

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    Some cracking pictures there mate.

    Thanks given by: andylen

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