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Thread: Pilkington Sandwash - Jul 18

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    Default Pilkington Sandwash - Jul 18

    This one has been on the radar for a long time but seen as it's in St Helens where there isn't much else, we are only getting down to it now.

    Pilkington Sandwash

    The plant was used for processing sand destined for the Pilkington glassmaking factories in St Helens. Its function was to produce material of consistent quality, which meant getting rid of oversized or undersized particles, blending different batches, and washing off surface-bound iron impurities which would otherwise make the glass too green. The sand itself came from various nearby sandpits on the Lancashire plain. The plant closed sometime during the 60s.

    We had heard some stuff about a horrific entry and we did see it but luckily we managed to get in a different way and stayed relatively clean. Inside all the machinery is left, now very overgrown, and if you analyse it all, the actual sandwash process isn't really that difficult to grasp. It's interesting how all that metal is needed to complete one task. In my video below I explain what different machines are for in terms of the process.

    That's all for that. Hope you enjoyed my pictures, if only a few. I wasn't happy with the others. Here's a link to my documentary styled video on this site, covering it through cinematics and narration:

    Thanks for reading :)
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    Nice set the opening shot was a beaut, Thanks

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    Very nice. Liking the shot above the machines/mixers.
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    To think those big machines have probably just been sitting there idle for 50 odd years!

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