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Thread: Lurgi Power plant - prior to Demo 2012 (pic heavy)

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    Default Lurgi Power plant - prior to Demo 2012 (pic heavy)

    This is just so people can see how the place was back in 2012 before any demolition of the site becane to the deathnell with Billy Mac.

    As i say first visit was with Wolfism back in 2012 to be honest i forgot about it until scattergun wanted a look at the site to find the original part we explored completely gone except for the chimney.This was a coal Gasification plant and a explanation on the workings can be found

    We rolled up early originally, but not supper early as we had been elsewhere and well Wolfism likes his sleep We seen at the time of walking down the rear of the site via thew open cast quarry out back security scuttling about in a landrover defender and he was eager. Found a possible entry but timing was key so waited for the guy to drive by. Followed with us bolting for the fence to open it up throw Wolfism the bags to go for cover while i resealed the hole. well he would be back round. Did not fancy having him there to wait for us .being on the site quickly found entry to the boiler house. then the fun began.

    Biomass replacement in the distance

    Original control room for the site

    busted by security Pigeon lol

    Wolfism trying to power up

    Roll forward to beginning of this year for the deathnell of the site and the final clearance having spoken to the Pikeys on the site (no issue )quite friendly. Went about the site and took some more pictures of the front end of the site . while waiting for the three stooges (Htmnl, Cuban and scattergun) was up the top of the demolished tower with the stairs looking out toward the front of the site i had already been in the labs when the Pikeys arrived on site. was just looking out after a phone call saying walking down. Noticed 2 white vans up at the entrance then 2 police cars. Fuck me another police van and time to leave i dropped down all thse vertical ladders at speed and Bolted for the rear. Top be met by the three coming in the back seen the police doing a raid and looking back at various figures running for cover. Left the others who hung about i had my shots lol. Will only put a few up of the front of the site as think i may have bored you guys enough with such a small site.

    Electron Microscope(not cheap used at work)

    inside the turbine

    someone papped up the pictures here and left them i guess as not got a clue what happened to the person. spoiled my shot as could not be arsed taking them back down.

    Still got a lot of pictures of the place but think that will do, hope you enjoy.

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    Great to see this place in all its glory, nice work mate.

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    I do love a good lurgi slagging gasifier.

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    Nice to see it so clean.yeah gutted I missed it all clean.shame you missed the turbine fan in your earlier visits.billy the metal man had the pics away and the guy who put them there is very happy he had them ha ha ha
    I like to go where others fear to tread.

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    Well shot set, I enjoyed it, thanks

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    Beautiful shots there, looks an epic explore in its day!

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    Gorgeous industrial jazz

    Brewtal and me were only 5 yrs too late to see some smashed bottles, think Billy has taken the last bolt and hoovered up the site

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    Great stuff, nice to see all this again. About half a square mile of industry and it's pretty much all gone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pincheck View Post
    Wolfism likes his sleep
    Hallelujah to that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pincheck View Post
    someone papped up the pictures here and left them i guess as not got a clue what happened to the person. spoiled my shot as could not be arsed taking them back down.
    Does anybody know whose photos they actually were? All a bit of a mystery and speculation, although maybe that was the idea…

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