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Thread: Fullers Earthworks - Redhill Surrey

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    Default Fullers Earthworks - Redhill Surrey

    Hi, this is my fist post, so don't judge me too harshly.

    A few months ago, me and a few other people visited the Fullers Earthworks factory in Redhill, Surrey. It used to be a factory to extract minerals, but after that company went down, it was bought by Biffa, which owns the landfill next to it, and we don't know what Biffa wanted to do, and they haven't done anything to it since they bough it in 1997. At its peak, it was hiring over 780 people!

    The explore:

    The explore was more than easy, there are two entrances, one of them was fenced of, and it was next to a group of houses, to we went to the next entrance, and we found that there was a clear opening into the factory, there is an almost mystical walk down a long and wide alley, covered from above by the surrounded forest. Once you catch site of the building, it is tremendous, it towers above you.

    Once we had arrived at the main site, the entrance into the building is just a leg height climb up a wall, we saw multiple teenagers there, some by the entrance, one at the very top of the building, and many people exploring the ground levels. In terms of security, at first I believed that there was no security, although this does not seem to be true, as a friend of mine who is into Urbex, was cased by security here a day after I went, and the next time I went, we saw a security car around the back of the site.

    The inside of the building is massive, there is a lot of machinery, you might want to bring a gas mask as there is a lot asbestos, you can climb up partially destroyed stairs to go to higher levels, and you can reach the very top of the structure, although I would not recommend this ,as there are holes everywhere!

    The photos:

    Sorry for the lack of good images, or images at all, it was kind off hard to shoot inhere, and my hand was shaky from climbing. Trust me though I have explored lots of other places since, and I have plenty of photos, I'll be posting those in the coming weeks!




    See you soon!

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    Nice place that. Liking the externals.
    Don't worry about security until you've been caught.

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    A good first effort & what a place to start its pretty epic there.
    as u have stated more pic would be good though, there is so much to see there.

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