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Thread: Ruston's Engineering co, Huntingdon, October 2018

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    Default Ruston's Engineering co, Huntingdon, October 2018

    The factory building used to be part of a much larger estate a few years back. Then after most buildings closed they all fell derelict and eventually became a main road and a Lidl (or Aldi). The company itself has several disused sites over the UK with the business originating from Lincolnshire. This specific Rustons Engineering, shortened to RECo, factory would have produced agricultural machinery. After a few years of abandonment the building has suffered a considerable amount of damage and even had a DIY skate park built inside.


    The Explore
    After sitting around, bored, myself and ExplorerX decided to venture up here for a couple of photos. I never really intended to get a report from this visit therefore there are very few camera photos, mostly taken on my phone.


    A nice view of Huntingdon, if you can call it nice.

    Combat_RECo by KPUrbex
    Consider this says "Combat" on it, it looks rather harmless.

    Anyway, with that we left.

    Sorry about the poor shots of this one.

    Another Ruston's Explore:


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