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Thread: Globe Worsted Mill 2, Slaithwaite January 2019

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    Default Globe Worsted Mill 2, Slaithwaite January 2019

    Now I have a working computer again I can share what I got up to lately. Myself and Landie_Man set off on our first northern trip of the year and it was mostly successful bar a couple of disappointing fails.

    Globe Mill 2 is one I have tried a few times in the past but always found it was sealed. However third time is, as they say, the charm and thankfully I finally found it accessible.

    History stolen from elsewhere....

    In 1887 several small manufacturers in the Slaithwaite area joined forces to create the Globe Worsted Company, producers of textiles. They set about building a large mill, typical of the era, to house their manufacturing enterprise. Globe Worsted Mills were built in two stages the construction of the first, Globe 1 began straight away in 1887 and was completed by the following year. Built to a design which was possibly drawn up by local architect Thomas Varley of Slaithwaite, Globe 1 was 5 stories high and consisted of 33 bays. A detached boiler house, chimney and offices were also included on the site between the canal and road.

    In the second phase, Globe 2 was built in 1889 on the opposite side of the road, with an overhead walkway connecting the two buildings. Globe 2 was 5 stories plus a basement, and had 15 bays.

    The Globe Worsted company went from strength to strength over the years, and like many other textile mills saw a gradual decline in trade towards the end of the 20th century. The company went into administration in 2004 and closed later that year.

    The site has recently been sold to a private developer and a 30 million project is under way to renovate the buildings into a multi-use complex comprising public and business facilities. The chimney has been demolished as part of the works.
    Globe Mill 1 is slowly being converted into a pretty stunning looking development, and I assume once done Globe 2 will follow suit. There's not a lot left inside but it's a beautifully decayed structure - one of my favourite features happened to be the weighted doors on the entrance to each floor.

    Thanks for looking :)
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    Thats cool, good perspective there, I cant stop looking at the 6th pic ;-)
    What the hell am I doing, I mean really at my age!

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    Excellent as always Mookster! Some interesting colour choices in this place. Nice to see it is to be renovated rather than totally demolished :)
    Aversos Compono Animos

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    Has a very different feel to it compared to other mills. Might be higher ceilings? I dunno.
    At least these are being saved. Developers are far to eager to demolish our past and replace it with poor quality - they'll never learn.

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