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Bloody hell, you mentioning white star, I can picture the vans clear as day.

I bought most of my joe bloggs jeans from the littlewoods catalogue back in the day, a bargain at £1.72/week for 21 weeks.

And better still is the fact that because of my employer being affiliated to them, if I wanted to I could have bought one of those delivery vans after the delivery department was done with it. Obviously I declined because I knew of the abuse they got!
True this. I once had to visit Edinburgh using one of those delivery vans (it was the only transport left in the yard). I was furious. I was shirt and tie and dealing with a shop manager and they made me drive a tatty transit delivery van complete with sliding doors.
On my return back south, I called into a saw mill. I filled the van with chunks of offcuts of pine. 2 tons of the stuff for fire wood. I then drove to my house (by now into overtime) and offloaded the whole lot. I then swept the van out and arrived back at my work place almost 4 hours late.