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Thread: Dudfleet Textile Mill Ossett

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    Default Dudfleet Textile Mill Ossett

    Dudfleet Mill is one of a number of textile mills located in and around Horbury in Wakefield. Piecing together some history from a number of sources has been a challenge, but interesting.

    ‘Wool spinning and cloth manufacture were important originally as cottage industries. At the start of the Industrial Revolution steam engines were installed at Race's Mill in Dudfleet and Foster's Mill on Engine Lane in 1795. Resistance to the implementation of new textile machinery and the factory system was shown when Luddites, who blamed the new factories for depriving weavers from earning a living in a time of widespread hunger and poverty, destroyed Fosters Mill.’
    Robbed from google sorry

    Very run down now and numerous fires later slowly been taken over by mother nature


    Wappys Big Head


    Dont think that alarm is going to dob us in

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    Nicely done. I enjoyed it, Thanks

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