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Thread: Tangerine Confectionery, Poole, Dorset - September 2019

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    Default Tangerine Confectionery, Poole, Dorset - September 2019

    So after the Coastguard site, Mookster and I headed to Poole to explore this old factory. A second but sadly last successful hit of the day! I said in a previous thread it was meant to be a prosperous day in urbex, but as we all know, you can never be sure!

    This factory was originally a Parrs sweets factory which was taken over by Tangerine Confectionery in 2007 who closed it in 2013 with the loss of 75 jobs in order to increase output at the other seven sites located across the country.

    Tangerine manufactures Butterkist Popcorn, Barratt's sweets and supermarket own-brand varieties. Tragically, in 2008 a worker was crushed to death at this very factory trying to unblock a jelly bean machine; and in 2010 the company was found guilty of a number of Health & Safety breaches in relation to the death.

    I quite liked this ruined old factory, the light was nice, the mood was relaxing here which is always nice in a site. It kind of reminded me of the De La Rue factory I explored back in 2009 in terms of feel.

    It wasn't easy getting externals here as it was all so overgrown. Sadly this was our last success of the day, but we made use of the lovely weather driving home through The New Forest and looking at all the wild horses on a beautiful late summers day in a beautiful part of England.

    After arriving back in Oxford Ben and I enjoyed a meal in Five Guys before heading home. All in all a wonderful day!













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    Thanks for posting this - very interesting to see.

    This is my neck of the woods. If you're down this way again, give me a shout.

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