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Thread: Wheal Busy - March 2020

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    Hi All

    On the back of another trip report this is from our Corwall trip back in March.
    This is the former Mixed mine called Wheal Busy, a massive site there is still an engine house on site and a black smith shop.

    The main reason I wanted to visit the site was the Brunton calciner, a roasting furnace used to dry and remove the Arsenic minerals from the ore, the ore was roasted and the flue gasses was sent along a long zig-zag passage to allow the Arsenic oxide to form on the sides of the flue.

    The Arsenic Oxide and Arsenic tri-oxide was then removed by hand and then sold on to other industries.

    The restored engine house on site.

    A short walk south of the engine house is the Calciner.

    When you crawl under the calciner the roof is covered with Arsenic oxide.

    This is the chimney for the calciner this would draw the flue gasses through the zig-zag system.

    Right that will do so thanks for looking.
    All comments are most welcome.

    Cheers Newage
    The Newage Traveller gaining entry so you don`t have to.....

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    Excellent stuff, more comprehensive than my report.
    I had a look at the boiler house in your first pic, not sure what its like in the locked bits there, be interesting to see.
    What the hell am I doing, I mean really at my age!

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