It was a week ago I edited pic but this is me just getting round to posting as life is a little crazy at the mo!

We stopped in here an a whistle stop tour early this year without any idea what it actually was.

After negotiating the Krypton factor style access we were inside ... & still didnt have a clue what it was.

So what do u do? ask someone who will know & a quick message to @urbanchemist & all was revealed.

The best way to describe a hydraulic accumulator would be to have a look down Urban chemist other report here

The building is mainly empty to be fair but the 2 accumulator tanks are awesome (especially when all you can think of is brewing kegs) & the general size & architecture is impressive.

The building hold some serious door porn too!

You may of seen prev reports show an excellent spiral up the tower, unfortunately this was way too dangerous to access.

The stairs shown here are just the start of the dodgyness, above our heads were scafold planks spanning huge gaps so we had to pass on that!

Thanks for looking