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Thread: Honey Monster Factory, Southall - July 2020

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    Default Honey Monster Factory, Southall - July 2020

    The Explore
    So after Bulstrode, myself and @Dragon_Urbex headed for Southall. After a bit of driving about and settling for some large Costco Pizzas Slices from Hayes Costco, we headed for this one. Another site I have been meaning to do for ages, and quite local to me.

    I was not disappointed at all; despite some stripping happening in parts, the Natural Decay is spot on inside and there is hardly any physical decay from any local little fucker which is a huge plus. The light inside was superb, the backdrop was epic; an ancient decaying factory with a fresh, shiny, modern landscape accelerating ever closer all around (the factory is located in West London), and the weather was perfect. A good 30 degrees Celsius with a wonderful bright blue sky just making everything look great from every angle.

    It may sound as if I am overacting slightly over a mouldy factory; but after months of being stuck inside amidst Covid Lockdown, not to mention hundreds of places being wrecked as a result of the Insta and YouTube Patrol with their millions of views; an ageing, decaying, large(ish) factory with peely paint and miles of pipes and fantastic views was just what the doctor ordered!!

    We headed straight for the roof, as you do, and worked our way down the factory floors, did the modern admin stuff, then worked back up the silo building, whilst keeping an eye on security who was in the big yard at the back.

    We spent a good four hours inside the factory and covered good ground there. It’s no epic cat and mouse chase factory, but its decayed beautifully and to be honest, it really reignited a passion in the hobby, a day of success with beautiful weather to boot and zero grief, just two buildings to ourselves which was wonderful :), felt like exploring ten years ago!

    The History
    The Quaker Oats Company itself dates back as far as 1877 in the U.S. The company started to grow and By 1936 the company had built this colossal factory in Southall, West London.

    By the time Sugar Puffs were launched in 1957, it became the main focus of the factory. A portion of the factory's operation was sold to Spiller's which made pet food and mill flour; whilst the rest went to the Big Bear Group in 2006. Sometime around then, the name was changed from Sugar Puffs to Honey Monster Puffs, presumably in some sort of Health Drive.

    The factory closed its doors in 2016 after low sales of the cereal product caused the Southall site to become not viable.

    By 2017, plans were commissioned to convert the site into residential and business use which would see around 1,200 properties created and would compliment the upcoming completion of the Crossrail/Elizabeth Line.

    I love the colours and warmth of this site. I think the weather helped us here. The factory had that familiar stench of rotting/decaying sugars and glucose about it that I’m sure we have all smelt.
























    Apologies for the photo count! This is just my kinda explore. Some of the switches in the Control Room had some quite exciting sounding names; “Honey Pump” and of course we cannot forget “Cluster Buster”!! Perhaps some sort of motorised paddles to stop the cereal clumping? Answers on a postcard please. In any case, everyone knows the best part of Sugar Puffs is the big clump of sticky and dusty goodness!

    As always everyone;

    Thanks For Looking.

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    Wow brilliant love the Honey pump and cluster buster names :-)

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    Nice one!!

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    Belting that! Took me a minute to realise those cereal boxes weren't normal cereal boxes.

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