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Thread: Three Bridge Mill, Buckingham August 2020

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    Default Three Bridge Mill, Buckingham August 2020

    This little water-powered mill was, unknown to myself, very close to somewhere else I went to recently. After being told about this place though I felt the need to go see it as it's in relative terms very local to me given the lack of much else around here. The small mill comes with a large attached mill house, which is completely empty and devoid of anything interesting whatsoever other than a retro kitchen at the back. The mill itself, however, is a great little time capsule with only smashed windows in the way of damage and a good few things to look at.

    The only scraps of any history I can find for it (and believe me I've looked, and looked, and looked some more!) are that in the mid to late 1800s it was owned and run by the Burton family and then at some point it was sold on to the Taylor family who lived in the house and worked the mill. The last occupant, Norman Taylor, died in 2011 and that's when the house became abandoned, although the mill looks to have been disused a lot longer. At some point in the past the roof of the mill was replaced, the wood beams in the roof along with the windows are a lot newer than all the other wood inside that's for sure.

    I had a good poke around and managed to find various interesting old items of farm medication and all sorts, I also squeezed myself into the small access hatch above the mill race to investigate it properly but there wasn't a whole lot to see that I couldn't take in from the hatch unfortunately, although being able to see the mill race rushing under the building up close and personal was cool.

    Thanks for looking :)
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    LOVE this! Might have to go check this out at some point, thanks Mook :)

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