Earlier this month I was finally able to do something which I have wanted to do for years and that was have a good mooch around the site of Devon Great Consols for almost 5 hours.

Though I am not a stranger to the Tamar Valley various factors have precluded me from spending much time exploring sites particularly remote from the nearest parking.

As some may know the extensive DGC site comprises a large part of the Tamar Trails network of cycle tracks, bridleways and foot paths. Some of which follow the course of the DGC railway which runs from near Morwellham Quay to the mine.

My route took me on the red, green and blue trails. Though the section of the red trail to Morwellham is banked for the next time I am in the area.

Probably the most interesting remains are in the vicinity of the dumps and the Wheal Anna Maria Arsenic works.

Anyway a few images here - with over 100 more on my web site.

DGC Railway bridge near Wheal Emma

Wheal Josiah Dump Tunnel

Wheal Anna Maria marker / map stone

These poetry plaques can be found all over the site.

Wheal Anna Maria mine office is now an information point.

Arsenic works - tramway supports

Presumably remains of the 1970s reworking of the dumps

Arsenic mill

Brunton Calciner

Arsenic stack

Flues leading from the arsenic calciner to the labyrinth

Wheal Frementor Shaft

Wheal Maria dam

Full set of photos can be found here: