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    Post Knightstone Island

    In the late 1820's a causeway was built to the island. The original lodgings for invalids were replaced by the swimming pool and theatre somewhere between 1894 and 1902. Dr Fox's bath house dates from 1830.

    Pic of the planned redevelopment.

    I admit defeat. Managed to enter the site at first light this morning,
    found a nice little spot to watch the security hut, attempted to
    enter the swimming pool on north side, doors locked, windows boarded.
    Dodged guard doing foot patrol, then two vans of workmen turned up.
    Decided it wasn't worth it and made a hasty retreat, good job I did
    due to the tide coming in, with the tide in the only exit is the front
    gate, straight past security. Site has suffered vandalism hence good

    Disgusting 14 million development will create 87 homes. Stupid having
    houses in what should be a leisure site.


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    From todays Evening Post.

    A single severe storm this winter could destroy Weston-super-Mare's
    decaying Birnbeck Pier, a campaigner has warned.
    Charles McCann, chairman of the friends of the Birnbeck Pier Regeneration
    Trust, says the bridge linking the mainland to the rocky, offshore outcrop
    of Birnbeck Island is at grave risk.
    He said: "One very bad winter storm and it's gone."
    The pier has been closed to the public for the past 11 years because of its
    dangerous state and has an A rating on English Heritages at risk register
    which means it is at rapid risk of further deterioration.
    But there seems little prospect of anyone coming up with the money to
    restore it in the near future.
    The Trust, which comprises of representatives of North Somerset Council,
    Weston Town Council and various organistions including the RNLI, the
    friends of the Old Pier Society and the Paddle Steamer Preservation
    Society, is hoping to approach various bodies to obtain enough money to
    buy the pier.
    Its current owner Swindon based bussinessman Peter Lay, had hoped
    to sell it earlier this year to developer Jim Scott for 400,000.
    But Mr Scott has so far failed to secure backing for his 30 million
    scheme to redevelop Birnbeck Island and the sale did not proceed.
    Mr Lay is having his own meeting with North Somerset Council next
    month at which he is expected to outline his own plans for saving the


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