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Thread: The Queens Head / Chinese Resteraunt, Surrex (At Night) Part 2

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    Default The Queens Head / Chinese Resteraunt, Surrex (At Night) Part 2

    Hello again,

    Next we venture somewhere in-between Colchester & Braintree, A nice little place that unfortunately was always destined to fail due to its location and the fact there are a few "proper boozers" in the area.
    Stealth was not on the cards due to the location on a busy road and residential area round it so it was a quick in and out 10 minute job.

    We entered the building......

    Remember Urbexer's to always keep safe.

    We were a little parched so decided to go the bar area to see what was on offer. Luckily it was a quiet night and no reservation was needed.

    Service was to be desired but we had a look at the specials and enjoyed a bottled water.

    We wanted too see what the hold up was and at first I thought I was in Fantana's bedroom but the kitchen seemed to be out of service.

    Anyway we had been there long enough and decided to leave before we attracted attention, we didn't leave a tip and jumped in the getaway vehicle!

    Many thanks & meet you at the final destination soon!

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    That's a very good report. Don't see much derelict Chinese Restaurants here. But the bar area didn't seem to be all that busy at that time of night. Interesting menu, what's a Poppin Chicken taste like, never had one. Thanks for an entertaining post.
    When the going gets tough - the tough get going.

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