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    Info - all plagiarised from another site -
    Soldiers Point Hotel, also known as the ‘Old Castle’ building, was built in 1848 as the residence of the Engineer in charge of the Government-sponsored alterations to Holyhead harbour being carried out as part of improvements to the mail route from London to Dublin. John Hawkshaw succeeded James Meadows Rendel in this post when the latter died in 1856.

    The grounds of this 2 storey castellated Victorian mansion are bounded by curtain walls with ‘folly’ towers — one of the harbour facing towers functioned as a pillbox during the Second World War.

    The house has been a private residence, a hotel and had been derelict for quite a while before it was gutted by a fire in September 2011 - at the time it had apparently been occupied by homeless people.

    The house is owned by Conygar Stena — a partnership between Stena Line and the Conygar Investment Company — and features in their ambitious waterfront regeneration plans for the town. However since the fire it has remained derelict.
    Thanks to Mr VW for this........

    And there is also this ex hotel - Porth Y Felin House/ Goverment house which is accessible
    but looked dodgy as ..... inside so it's externals only

    Thanks for looking.
    Live and let live

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    Cool looking place, nice one :)

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    great meeting up again dude :D - Documenting France's forgotten heritage through my camera lens

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