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    I honestly have loads of unposted stuff I was hoping to get up while things are quiet, but I only seem to find time for the small shitty ones.

    I have however gone for another that there is very few reports from. This really was a flying visit late last year on a miserable day, not that much to see but hope you enjoy.

    Broomhill Pool opened on 30 April 1938 and closed in the autumn of 2002.

    The lido was built in 1938 for 17,000 by the County-Borough of Ipswich. It was designed by E. McLauchlan, the County-Borough Engineer and Surveyor.

    Thanks to the work of local campaigners and the Twentieth Century Society, Broomhill Pool secured Grade II listing in August 2001.

    Broomhill Pool is a founding member of Historic Pools of Britain "Established in 2015, Historic Pools of Britain is the first body ever to represent historic swimming pools in this country. These unique indoor and outdoor pools make a significant contribution to the social and architectural history of Britain and play a hugely important role in our communities"

    The pools trust obtained a substantial lottery grant & the council agreed a commitment of 1.5m for a 7.25m restoration.
    This was due to begin Mid 2019 & the pool was due to be reopened mid 20 but as you can see things are obviously not going to plan!
    The main pool remains covered & the paddling pool haras fenced off. All buildings were sealed but I managed to sneak a pic through a gap into changing rooms with my phone!

    Thanks For Looking
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