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    Built to protect the Thames Estuary, the fort had seven towers linked together by walkways. Six of the towers were armed, the seventh held the searchlights and they were manned by a complement of 120. They were built in 1942 at Shivering Sands, Red Sands and Great Nore. Each 300 tonne tower was preconstructed before being towed out to sea, sunk into position and then connected to the next tower. (taken from

    Decomissioned in the mid 50s, they were in use again in the 1960s as the offshore home of pirate radio stations 'Radio Invicta 306' and 'Radio 390'.

    Project Redsands - Safeguarding the future
    Aboard Redsands fort

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    :) I have not been out to these for more than twenty plus years now but perhaps someone who may have visited more recently could answer this question.How near or far away from the offshore wind farm that is visible from Whitstable

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