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    The bunker was built as a Filter Block for ROC Group 21 and was later used by UKWMO (United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation) whom operates BMEWS at Fylingdales. The job of the Filter block was to act as a information collecting sorting station for Home Defence Region 10, so that the National UKWMO HQ at Langley Lane,just over the road, doesn't get duplicate or irrelevant information. In later years of the Cold War the site was used as AFHQ 10 (Armed Forces Headquaters) for the military staff at Fulwood Barracks in Preston. I believe it was also the War HQ for the Local government judging by the Fire Directions booklets.
    The Bunker still contains some cooking equipment, Transformers for the Generator,the Generator itself, Maps, radio trolleys, fire bell, urinals and toilets etc. Access was through a sliding door at ground level and down a flight of stairs and through the blast door. The site has a huge operations well with a commander's dais running all the way around it. There are dormitaries and a kitchen, aswell as stores and plant room still with contents. The bunker much bigger than an AAOR and was in very good condition.

    Here are some photos:

    Subbrit says that the sites last use was as a Military firing range I couldn't see any evidence of this. There were no Rubber mats on the walls and no signs of any mountings for rubber mats. Maybe it was used for Blank firing which would make sense and be safer but I couldn't see any empty casings. The sign outside says "93 Sig Sqn (v) Training centre" however Subbrit makes no reference to this,but it would make sense given the pieces of signals paraphenalia left inside.

    For more info see Subbrit

    Thanks to Geekgirl for driving and stopping so we (Unik and me) could take a look!

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    I was really suprised by how easy this was to access, and how good a condition it's in, especially compared to worsley AAOR. Seems like it's been virtually untouched since sub brit visited in 2000, a bit of extra mould on the map and that's it!

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