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Thread: Fort Meagher / Fort Camden

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    Default Fort Meagher / Fort Camden

    I spent last weekend in the Cork / Cobh area.

    As I have done in the past I wandered up to FORT MEAGHER / CAMDEN - a Palmerston Fort - located above the entrance to Cork Harbour.

    On previous visits to this location both outer and inner gates have been locked. However, on this occasion the outer gate which gives access to the moat bridge and the inner pedestrian gate were open - so I quickly ventured in side.

    Having left my phone back in the car - which was parked some distance away I didn't venture too far into this fascinating complex - for fear of being locked in - however I did get quite a a few surface photos which you can view on my Irish Sea Shipping Maritime Heritage site at:

    Research, however, shows that this site to have a large complex of underground tunnels - therefore I imagine there is a lot of potential for well equipped explorers if they find the gate unlocked!


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    That's an interesting site John, would be interested to see more, especially if you manage to get underground.

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