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Thread: RAF Ramsbury Wiltshire

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    Default RAF Ramsbury Wiltshire

    We found these shelters after a tip-off recentley after much legwork and speaking to two local men...the shelters are now covered by woodland that has grown up during the last 60 years and because of this they arent easily visible to local kids for chav purposes...we found 4 underground and 2 above ground shelters but there could be the leaves are out it will be harder to find them...
    Above ground Blast Shelter

    View from above

    Below ground


    They look loosely like a buried steam train!

    To see a few more click below

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    Nice find, Chelle.
    The blast shelters and the Stanton air raid shelter (buried steam train - love the description! :D ) are very similar to the ones at RAF Southrop.
    Cheers for that.
    Foxy :)
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    Yes, thanks Chelle for sharing these pics. Can see what you mean about the train!
    Understand that you don't want to give away too much about the location, but can you tell me if they form part of a lager site, or are they pretty much on their own? Thanks.

    Lb :jimlad:

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