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Thread: Tank Graveyard Salisbury Plain

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    Quote Originally Posted by krela View Post
    That doesn't make any sense to me woodland pixie sorry. There are a lot of anti-tank traps on the roads around there though.)
    There were mutterings in the specialised historical press/societies about 'modern' fortifications etc disappearing under new developments some while back - if I remember correctly! Is this an attempt to keep the record 'on the ground' so that interested parties can still see the original intentions of the fortifications? If so I applaud the idea - there are far too many lone objects standing around that give the casual or none informed observer no idea what went on in those locations during WW11

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    H pixie would this be what you have found

    It's on the defence of Britain data base E27162

    the data base also shows the pillbox number E09643 and mentions that in post war aerial photos it was to the west of an anti tank ditch
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