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Thread: Coastal defences and forts, Dover

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotax View Post
    Your pictures are absolutly top draw Joe,

    Me & Merlin are novices with the camera's. What did you use for lighting during your shots, Just a torch or somthing else??

    P.s also what make & model camera, lens etc for the dark shots. Please help!!
    These shots were lit with a mix of light sources: 2 LED torches (blue / white tint,) and a 3 D Cell maglight (which adds the yellow tungsten glow.) Some photos are single torches on thier own, While others are a combination of different light sources.

    I sometimes use a conbination of flashguns but didnt when I took these.

    No exposure was over 30 Seconds as I had forgotten my cable release, I think all shots were taken at F4.0 widest apature for my lens.

    All the photos are lit from behind the camera. The exeption is the first photo, Which was marlons idea which is entirely lit from light facing the camera, from around the corner. These two methods give differing results, knowing which to use when is a mix of experience, luck and guesswork!

    It helps to have someone else there too, artificial lighting is often the result of good teamwork, the more complex shots I've posted below would have been far harder to take without Mr Bones help.

    I use a Canon 5D with 17-40mm EF L Lens its not really a beginners camera. But there is no reason why with a bit of practice simalar results could not be achived with any digital or film SLR camera.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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    Default Re: Coastal defences and forts, Dover

    Top man,

    Thanks for that!

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    Great place dover, love the port cullas (or how ever its spelt) in pic 3 :)
    Aversos Compono Animos

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