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Thread: Old Woking HAA site - Feb 2016

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    Default Old Woking HAA site - Feb 2016

    Hi All

    Just a small report about this WW2 anti aircraft gun site at Old woking in Surrey.
    The main bunker in right next to a foot path and in the open, the 4 or 5 gun pits have been filled in so it`s only the control bunker thats left.

    The HAA site was part of the Brooklands gun defence area in WW2.


    Control bunker, looking at the 3 emergency exits.

    This is the main plotting room.

    Then at the far end is an office and telephone exchange room.

    Only artifact in the telephone room.

    Looking in to the mess room with what is left of the fireplace.

    This view is looking outside the bunker to the location where the predictor equipment would of been located.

    Well thats about it.
    Thanks for looking all comments are most welcome.
    There are a few more pictures on my FlickR page so head on over to:-

    Cheers Newage
    The Newage Traveller gaining entry so you don`t have to.....

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    That's a big old control building for a standard HAA.

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    Lovely lump of concrete, nice one thanks for showing.

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