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Thread: Longcross MOD Barracks, Chertsey, Jan 2008

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    Talking Re: Longcross MOD Barracks - Chertsey 13/01/07 REPORT

    lol thanks guys for your replies :D Smileysal that wasnt a table it was the floor i was like WTF.. they were in that position when we got there... and for your and Foxylady's curiosity it was a pyrex dish top as far as i could tell. UrbanX and lightbuoy there were three of us... but that fridge didnt half take a few shots to do hehe... Krela everything is pretty much wander'roundable in there.. lol they have locked up quite a bit but as u know theres always a way in :D MarkR thanks a lot for the History... with them facts some of the buildings make sense now.. we were tryin to figure out what they were used for.. got some of em right for once thanks again everyone for ur comments :D

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    Default Re: Longcross MOD Barracks - Chertsey 13/01/07 REPORT

    Some great shots, and a pretty cool history there too.

    Love the light fixture and bar light painting!! Cool shots :o

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