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Thread: RAF Folkingham Vehicle Graveyard, October 2017

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    After WW2 the countryside was full of scrapyards that contained all types of interesting stuff - ex mil, pre-war cars and commercials and the onset of the MOT test increased the contents by huge numbers. To a teenager who had just passed their test, those scrapyards kept your old banger on the road. Sadly; suddenly almost overnight the situation changed, as with the coming of the Environmental Protection Act, most of these scrap collections were bulldozed up and ended in the scrap furnaces. Only those places with proper, protected drainage managing to survive the clean up - as most of these places grew up on derelict farm or grass lands, they were illegal under under the EPA. This place operates as a dump, because allegedly the drainage system is able to contain and separate all vehicular leakages of noxious fluids and keep them from contaminating the environment. Evidently to those in the know, the grapevine seems to indicate that this may not be the case and the Authorities have been informed. I suppose the owner gets a bit 'uperty' when explorers visit, because he does not want his environmentally damaging goings on to be plastered all over the internet - thankfully it has been! Having spent a fairly large part of my working life making sure my employer protected the Environment, by implementing all the Regulations correctly - at a great cost sometimes, I angers me that greedy buggers, like the ones depicted here, just go on damaging the environment and nothing is done.

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    The guy is a bit mad but it's his business premises so he has a right to be a little miffed at people wandering around - all part and parcel of the game.

    I encountered him and his wife about five years ago when I went, luckily we were seen by the wife walking her dog first and were already having a decent conversation with her when the husband rocked up so the fact we weren't having an argument settled him a little and he actually allowed us to continue on photographing.
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