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Thread: Monkton Farleigh Central Ammunition Depot...... Main East building

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    Default Monkton Farleigh Central Ammunition Depot...... Main East building

    Haven't posted anything for a long time but I was on my way back from dropping a customer off when I drove past this and thought,well,it would be churlish not to at least have a look.Please excuse the crappy interior shots,my phone don't seem to like the dark very much so I had to boost it a bit(well a lot actually).

    The building was constructed at an original slope shaft entrance to the old stone quarry and housed the rope haulage system used in the main east haulage way of the depot, the rest of the depot used a standard conveyor belt set up.
    The rope haulage consisted of a continuous loop that was powered at the top of the slope shaft in this building.

    To see the system working look at this video at around 2 mins 18 secs

    On with photos

    The tall poles visible in this and other shots apparently were used to support camouflage netting

    The remains of the rope haulage motor and pulleys

    The main winding pulley is on the top

    looking down the building to towards the blocked slope shaft and the first of the guide posts

    The guide post

    electrical gizmo

    Odds n' sods

    Obligatory bog shot

    And a dead wheelbarrow

    The CAD underground area is no longer accessible as it now belongs to company specializing in secure document storage,see this video
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    Liked it OS, Thanks

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    There's still life in that wheelbarrow, Trigger's broom???

    Nice little vids too, thanks oldscrote!

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    Nice little find oldscrote
    I like to go where others fear to tread.

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