Hi all.

So me and Fluffy were having our third road trip of the year, started off at RAF Wittering`s former bomb store the place is also known as Colleywestern bomb store, I know the place has been done to death but I ani`t been there before so if you don`t want to see the place again just --------- move on by ---------.

Can`t find much history about the site and what was stored there, nuclear weapons cores where stored on base so this site was probably for storing the conventional part of the weapons.

The site has drive through servicing sheds,heavy blast door protected bunkers, open ended storage sheds etc.

It`s been "chav`d" to f***.


The last part of the site that we looked at was the guard block by the main gate, plenty of peeling paint.

Right that will do as they say, thanks for looking and as normal all comments are most welcome.
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Cheers Newage