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Thread: RAF Coltishall..Norfolk..Part one

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    The V Bomber disposal sites were nothing to do with 'damage to the home base' - although they would be useful for landing on, if the home base had been put out of action during an operational sortie. They were there to allow the Bomber Force to be dispersed all over the country, in an effort to prevent enemy action destroying all the V Bombers on the ground. A common practise, used many times in the early days of WW2, to protect our Bomber Squadrons and always written up in the Squadron operating procedures.

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    I live close by. Norsesecurity do this site for the council. Absolutely woeful. The times we just walk through the gate to explore!! Up until 2014/15 they had dog units through a firm called k9 security,no chance of us getting on with them there! Luckily its an easy splore now. Top pics mate. The control tower is easy,just a keypad. Easy code.

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