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Thread: HMS WIlDFIRE - APRIL 2018

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    Smile HMS WIlDFIRE - APRIL 2018

    This place is so heavly reported just have a google.

    The explore

    i always know about wildfire and it location due to reports online and living close to it my self - April 1st comes around and i hear that wildfire is open.

    me and boyfriend jump in the car and head down the raod at about 1am :) - and when we go there was about 50 differnt set of explores there news travels fast by sounds of.

    it is the most best explore i have ever done :D and so glad i finally got down in to this one :D

    anyways here some pictures

    HMS Wildfire 2018 DSC_0434 by KHUrbanX, on Flickr

    HMS Wildfire 2018 DSC_0436 by KHUrbanX, on Flickr

    HMS Wildfire 2018 DSC_0439 by KHUrbanX, on Flickr

    HMS Wildfire 2018 DSC_0444 by KHUrbanX, on Flickr

    HMS Wildfire 2018 DSC_0446 by KHUrbanX, on Flickr

    HMS Wildfire 2018 DSC_0458 by KHUrbanX, on Flickr

    Youtub video :

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    Cool pics khurbanx, well lit to see the detail in there, nice one :)
    Aversos Compono Animos

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