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Thread: Raleigh Battery Plymouth - July 2019

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    Default Raleigh Battery Plymouth - July 2019

    Hi All

    The last port of call on our Plymouth road trip, this battery is on the West side of Plymouth around the Maker heights area, the Battery was built in 1894 and was abandoned by the MOD in 1946, it only has 2 gun pits but they are big as they were for 10" BL guns (that`s blooming big in new money), the 2 gun pits are linked with underground magazines.

    Lots of good stuff to see...

    (Watch out for the bee hives at the far end)


    10" BL gun pit.

    Lots of signage left above the doors etc.....

    Passed the right hand gun pit is this store room with sexy curved bars in the windows...

    Right that will do, thanks for looking and as normal there are more pictures on my FlickR site of this place so head on over to:-

    All comments are most welcome.

    Cheers Newage
    The Newage Traveller gaining entry so you don`t have to.....

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    The windows had two panes with a wooden dividing bar across the centre. The lower pane was held in a wooden frame that was hinged from the central bar - hence the curved lower sections to the guard rails, so that the hinged pane could be pushed open for ventilation. Site was really nice in early '64 with much more content to see.

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    Thanks for the gen re the window bars Mr Strictus. I have never found a battery with underground magazines that has a covered walkway leading to it - it has always been down a stairwell. Also, thinking about it now, there were no shell/cartridge lifts here so presumably they just pushed the ammo up the slope on a trolley.
    PS some good pics there mate !!

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